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Check out Ms. Zimmerman's Learning Conservatory for more ways to display students' work.

Jessica Lawler
5th grade teacher at Abundant Life Academy
Nutley, New Jersey
"Look High, Look Right, Watch Poetry Take Flight" is a combination of two recent poetry projects: diamante poems (the kites) and acrostic poems (the cloud and rainbows).

Kathleen Wilderman
Mineral Springs Elementary School  5th grade
Ellerbe, North Carolina

Kelly Hall
Jaworek Elementary
Marlborough, MA
Grade level: 4
'"Paint Chip Poetry"  1st line is a metaphor, 2-4th lines are similes
Visit Kelly Hall's 'Fabulous in Fourth' Blog for more information and samples of her students' poems.

Nancy Bruton and Gayle Greenwald
Grades 4 & 5     Navajo School
Palos Heights, IL

Jan Tappan
4th Grade   Mountain View Elementary
Tujunga, California
The idea isn't mine, but I love how it turned out. There's a book called The Best Part of Me which gave me the idea, then I saw photos of another teacher's bulletin board at a different school and loved it. We did this for open house, and it was a big hit.

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