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What would you do with one mitten?

Indian Hill Primary School, Cincinnati, OH

-wrap it around a glass to keep it quiet on a table
-snowball launcher—put snowball in it and fling it out
-Kdg—"a haws for my veenis fli trap"
-sew it on my shirt for a pocket
-eye patch for a pirate
-put a balloon inside it, blow up balloon, then let air out and it launches like a rocket
-house for my toy person
-put around my pet fish tank—his name is Violet ;-)
-make a mitten monster with my flashlight inside it and the light show through the holes
-a wiper for a dry erase board
-for cleaning windows
2nd grader—I would put it on my hand when I practice violin so my sweaty hand won't touch the neck of the violin.  
kdg- "a haws for my fire-bell todes"
-play "where's Paige" with my baby sister
-a coaster for drinks in the summer
-fill with bird seed and lay it on my picnic table
-a pencil holder
-a mini version of Michigan
I would make a purse for my money, gift cards and other things I need to go shopping.

NAME:   laura mouro
SCHOOL: homeschooled
CITY:   Durham

If I had one mitten: "I would hang it on a tree and fill it with sunflower seeds for the birds to eat out of."  Anna

NAME:   Kathy Hellesen
SCHOOL: Armstrong elementary
CITY:   Schaumburg

Students in Ms. Lechowski, Ms. Bonieckii, and Ms. Nudo's rooms

take it for a ride in a wagon, Christmas Stocking, turn into a toy car or plane, nose warmer, bird beak warmer, snowman decor, pocket, bean bag, sled for stuffed animal, toos it through a b-ball net, freeze it and use as a hockey puck, cat hat, pencil holder, jewelry box, bank,candy bag, baseball bat cover,snowflake catcher,journal cover, flag, mousetrap, mitten-lunch box, tree ornament that also holds a gift, an envelope for a special card,  sledd for a stuffed animal, garage for toy car,,,,,,,

NAME:   K. Hellesen, D. Goering
SCHOOL: Hoover Elementary
CITY:   schaumburg

stuffed animal holder, eyeglasses holder, eye patch, gingerbread puppet, pencil holder, snowman hat, holder for journal and pencil, hang on fireplace, wallet, outdoor roof decor, aligator hat, skateboard cover, toy, extra sock

NAME:   K. Hellesen, S. Seifert, D. Goering, L. Mynars
SCHOOL: Hoover Elementary
CITY:   schaumburg

home for hamster, eye patch, leg of chair protector, mustache, swing seat cover on swingset, decoration on a wreath, fill with water and squirt out for fun or to water plants, hide inside a snowball for a surprise, reflect in as a shadow on the garage, replace the bow on top of a present, heart for a snowman, lightbulb, decorate my sweater, hang in window, a blanket for a matador, a hair scrunchie, envelope for a letter, front door decor, hang from my belt, stuff it and use as a hook on the wall  - Thanks!  We had fun

SCHOOL: Theodore Roosevelt School
GRADE:  Ms. Patti's Third Graders
CITY:   Oyster Bay
Date:   04/01/2005
STUDENTS: Rachel, Cailin, Hannah, Chris, Connor, Rebecca, Olivia, Joey, Sarah, Nick, Robert, Stephen, Bret, Josh, Adam, J.J., Collin, Sabrina, Brittany, Hannah, Dylan, Joe, Carmen

Hat, puppet, pocket, nest for birds, pocket for money, bed for a mouse, pillow for your head, I would give it as food to a frog, puppet for a puppet show, stuff cotton inside and sew it to make a pillow, sew it on your pant to make a pocket, cut off the holder for your thumb and sew the hole where you hand goes and put stuff inside, make a chicken, write a poem on it, use it as a hat, put lunch money in it, use it as a stocking, use it as a flag, put a hamster in it, pencil holder, kite, sock, wallet, snack bag, put ideas inside it, a ball, a shoe, hide stuff init, put it on a snowman, write a story about it, write poetry, put your cellphone in it, use it as a wallet, give it to charity, catch stuff in it, put come candy in it, put it on my hand and tie it to a rubber band, give it to your family, put food in the mitten, put it on a string make a necklace, but beans in it and close the mitten for a beanbag, make a small blanket, use it as a parachute, use it as a cushion, piggy bank, sock puppet, pocket, comfortable mat inside your shoe, a bag for a rock collection, for money or crayons, lend it to a friend, sell it for money, make it into a plane, an oven mitt. use it to save some goals in soccer, to keep you warm, use it for games.

SCHOOL: Theodore Roosevelt School
GRADE:  Mrs. Gillespie's Second Graders
CITY:   Oyster Bay
Date:   04/01/2005
STUDENTS: Tara, David, Devon, Ryan, Ian, Nicole, Nicholas, Kelvin, Grace, Kerry, Fiona 

I would put it on my head and wear it like a crown, I would turn it into a hat, I'll use it for my toy puppy. I'll use it to put my jewelry in, wear it for a hat, I would make a dinosaur with it, I would give it to my guinea pig to sleep it, Use it a sock to put on my foot, I would use it as a shoe, I would make a flag. I would give it to the birds, use it as a nose warmer, I could use it as a hat for my cat

SCHOOL: Komensky
CITY:   Berwyn
Date:   03/18/2005


Make it a little cave for small animals to crawl in and out of.
Make it a magic carpet for a mouse to ride on.  He could steer with the thumb part of the mitten.

SCHOOL: Oak Bay Academy
CITY:   Richmond

I would give it to my pet Chickie, and she would sleep in it and snore in it!

SCHOOL: Noor-ul-iman school
Grade: KGCITY:  Monmouth Junction
STUDENT: Sabahat


SCHOOL: Oak Bay Academy Homeschool
CITY:   Richmond
Date:   03/13/2005


I would wear it all day long and at night I would put it under my pillow and at night the mitten fairy would come and leave a nice pair of mittens!!

SCHOOL: home school
CITY:   St. Peters
Date:   03/14/2005

STUDENT: Elizabeth

"If I had one mitten, I'd stick in my kitten, so in this cold weather, she would not sicken."

SCHOOL: South Salem Elementary School
GRADE:  Ms. Baskind's Kindergarten Class
CITY:   Port Washington

Zack: I'm using a mitten as a sled.
Andrew: The mitten is a pillow.
Christian: Spiderman can fight with one mitten and save people.
Kelsey: Me and my sister could high-five.
Matthew: A magician could use one mitten for magic tricks if his magic hat breaks.
Samantha: The mitten was a pillow.
Henry: The magician can pull out a rabbit.
Aoi: The mitten is a pillow.
Jordan: You could put one mitten over one eye.
Amanda: I would use one mitten as a cushion.
Lauren: I could sleep on the mitten.
Tyler: I'm happy because I'm in bed and comfy.
Sophia: The magician can do tricks.
Sally: Wear one mitten, share one mitten.

SCHOOL: Homeschooled

STUDENT: Camille


CITY : Atlanta    STATE   : GA


SCHOOL: South Salem Elementary School
GRADE:  Mrs. Johnert's First Graders
CITY:   Port Washington

Date:   03/02/2005

Chloe: I would carry a pointer.
James: I would carry money, turn a page, or open a book.
Yamileth: I would carry an i-pod.
Sophie: You can catch a snowflake.
Kristen: Carry an apple with one mitten, or open a door, or open books.
Justin: I would carry pebbles.
Ethan: One mitten can hold a hat, and throw a ball.
Samantha: I can collect marbles.
Corrina: I will put it on my head and pretend that it is an ear.
Matthew: I would use it for wipers.
Stefanie: Throw a snowball, eat an apple, open a door.
Chelsea: Carry money or pebbles.  Do a cartwheel.
Keisuke: We could carry marbles and carry money.
Alexandra: One mitten ... is a hat, you can shadow play, you can catch one drop of snow.
Stephen: Throw a ball and make a shadow, and carry a can.
Noelle: I can pet a cat with one mitten, I can wave, and hug with one hand.
Jared: I can pet a dog with a mitten
Addison:I can carry an i-pod, and cell phone, and money.

SCHOOL: Las Virgenes Home Independent Study
CITY:   Agoura Hills
Date:   03/02/2005


I would use it as my official snowball holder!

SCHOOL: Las Virgenes Home Study Program
CITY:   Agoura
Date:   03/01/2005


I would go to the snow or get another one.  I would put it on my dog if he's cold.  I would get 4 of them for his feet and his hands.  I would warm up my dog by putting them on his ears if he was cold.

SCHOOL: Las Virgenes Home Study Program
CITY:   Agoura
Date:   03/01/2005

STUDENTS: Isabella

I would talk with it or throw it away or make things out of it like a tunnel for my cars or my little ponies to go under.

SCHOOL: South Salem Elementary School
GRADE:  Mrs. Polkes' Kindergarten
CITY:   Port Washington
Date:   03/01/2005


Lauren: I would use my mitten as a bag.  I could swing on a tree with one mitten.
Corrine: I would use it for cutting out dolls' clothes.
Yuval: You can make snow animals, and a dinosaur's snout.  You can make letters with one mitten.
Tommy: I play snowball fights with one hand.
Matthew: You could use one mitten for a hat.
Sivan: I would build a snowman with one mitten.
Robert: I could make a plane.
Merci: I would build a snowman with one hand.
David: I would wave with one mitten.
Aidan: I would make a spyglass with one mitten.
Danny: I would build a snowman with one hand.
Emma: I could cover one eye with one mitten.
Katie: I could cut the mitten.
Riley: I would make a necklace from one mitten.
Paula: I would play in the snow with one mitten.
Rebecca: I would cover my eye like a pirate.

SCHOOL: Manzanita Elementary
GRADE:  Mrs. Phillips' 2nd Grade
CITY:   Newbury Park
Date:   02/28/2005


You could fill it with sand, tie it, and use it as a hackey sack.

SCHOOL: Manzanita Elementary
GRADE:  Mr. Sturgeon's Kindergarten Class
CITY:   Newbury Park
Date:   02/28/2005

Pot holder, hat, foot warmer, on a rhino's horn, glasses holder, chicken puppet, on a unicorn's horn or a crocodile's nose, bean bag, flower holder, to catch a bird, put worms in it, put chocolate or candy in it

SCHOOL: Manzanita Elementary
GRADE:  Monica Kern's Second Grade
CITY:   Newbury Park
Date:   02/28/2005

Bailey, Alejandra, Alexis, Chris, Corinne, Eddie, Gabriela, April, Horacio, Katya, Mackenzie, MyKayla, Troy, Andrea, Bailey, Gissel, April, Rosa

A hat for my cat, be a little puppy, do a hand shake, cover my eyes, hug my brother, be a tail for my dog, be a baby mouse bed, to wave good-bye to my dad, "Bye-bye, I love you.", wave to my sister, a puppet show, throw a snowball, make the letter "L", hold my pencil, be a pirate eye, hold Corrine and Alejandra's hands, hug my teacher, Mrs. Kern, give hugs, by cookie cutters, play with me!, be a butterfly, be my wings, scrub the floor, be a heart on a tree, give a hug real tight

SCHOOL: Rising Sun Elementary School
CITY:   Rising Sun
Date:   02/27/2005

STUDENT: Christopher

I would fill it with cotton and hang it from my tree to make a bird house in winter.

SCHOOL: Thomas Holtzman Elementary
GRADE:  Janet Salerno's 3rd Grade Class
CITY:   Harrisburg, PA
Date:   02/24/2005

Ellen: I would play in the snow. I'll throw snowballs and make a snowman.
Jacob: I would use it as an Anole egg incubator.
Hailey: I would use it as a flower holder. If it was leather you could put water in it. You could put a plastic holder to hold it up.
David: I would attach it to my belt and put nails in it. It could hold small tools, screws or bolts.
Taylor: I would put it in liquid nitrogen and stuff candy in it to make a pinata.
Levi: I would fill it with dog food and stick it on my dog's mouth because my cat eats the dog food.

SCHOOL:   Barkers Point School
GRADE:     Mrs. Staples' Grade 3
CITY:     Fredericton, N.B. , Canada
Date:   02/21/2005

Here are the ideas we came up with: make a pencil holder, a water bottle holder, soap holder, use under a wobbly leg on a table, a dog's chew toy, use it for fish food, put all my change in it, use as a face cloth, foot or tail warmer, sell it, use it to catch butterflies, bird nest or home, make it into a ring, use as a bandana, dog's ear warmer, beak warmer, make a hat, a bike mitten to keep your hand clean, fish coat, a case for a little book, jewelry box, use it for a marble collection, use it for an Easter or Halloween decoration, sell it for $5 to buy a new pair!

SCHOOL: La Veta Bauer Elementary
CITY:   Miamisburg
Date:   02/12/2005


Put one mitten on my hand and put my other hand in my pocket


SCHOOL: Fairview Homeschool
GRADE:  1st
CITY:   Prichard

Date:   02/15/2005

STUDENTS: Samuel, Levi

cut holes in the sides and make a warm coat for a mouse./use it to make a sleeping bag for a kitten so it would stay warm

SCHOOL: Evergreen
GRADE:  Mrs. Young's First Grade
CITY:   Whittier

Date:   02/02/2005
STUDENTS: Savannah, Ashley, Bryanna, Noah, Emma, Jacquelyn, Vicky, Joseph, Jesse, Nathaniel, Steven

I can put my lost tooth in it. / I would pick flowers with my one mitten. / I would make into a puppet. / I would make it into a flag on a stick. / I would make it into a snail. / I will make a dog puppet. / I will put it on my dog's head to be a hat. / I will make it a Christmas stocking. / I will scratch my dog. / I will put it on a skeleton. / I could save my candy and my lollipops.

SCHOOL: Southeastern Elementary
CITY:   Chesapeake

Date:   02/02/2005

I would cut the end of the thumb and put it around the teapot to keep my hot chocolate warm!


SCHOOL: Homeschooler
CITY:   Madison
Date:   10/13/2004

Use a mitten for a sock for a one-toed sloth.

SCHOOL: Parkwood Elementary School
CITY:   Clarksville
Date:   11/22/2004


The little girl who found the mitten and put it on her head and she looked like a turkey.  She had fun and then she put it on top of her Christmas tree.

SCHOOL: John C. Bass Elementary
CITY:   Las Vegas
Date:   01/20/2005

STUDENT: Michael

I would play a mitten game by taking the one mitten and you would talk with it like a puppet.  It would be fun!

SCHOOL: Coral Reef Elementary
CITY:   Palmetto Bay
Date:   01/31/2005

STUDENT: Meredith

I would make it into a mitten puppet.  It would be a cat.  I would put three buttons for the eyes and nose and a red tongue for the mouth and pointy ears.  I would put it in my puppet theater and do a puppet show.

SCHOOL: Southeastern Elementary
CITY:   Chesapeke
Date:   02/02/2005


Use it as a stocking for when Santa comes.

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